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Our World Wide Web

ChatToday, more than a billion people access the Internet. Online communities are buzzing and the exchange of information on the internet has surpassed all other means of communication. Everything is but a click away. Whether it be sending a message to that person you haven't seen in ages, or buying a ticket to go see them. See the stats.


According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers, Internet advertising revenue hit more than US$ 21.2 Billion this year, rising by 26% compared with last year. In other words, nowadays it has become a sheer necessity for companies to advertize their products on the Internet.

If you want more information about the Internet market, click here.

Anywhere, anytime

Welcome to easy2use.net

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At easy2use.net, we offer you real e-solutions at competitive prices in the areas of web design, web hosting and software.

Our competitors often have overloaded servers, bringing instability which compromises your security. We have an ultra-low number of sites per server, giving you freedom to move, and peace-of-mind.

Marketing hype is rampant on the web. Many webhosts promising zillion bytes of bandwidth and storage, when in fact you can only run limited types of files. We give you more than enough space for your needs, without limiting your web projects.

We help businesses and individuals like yourself create compelling e-solutions using cutting-edge technology.

Regardless of how big your business is, at easy2use.net we know exactly how to develop the right project for your needs. We can support and help you every step of the way. Let our designers interview you about your services, products, and ideas, and we guarantee you will love what we come up with.

Get in contact with us today, and find out how easy it is to simplify your e-business without compromising your results.



Open Source

Ubuntu Firefox

Hosting Plans

Green Plan Green Plan
200 MB Storage
2 GB Bandwidth
2 Databases

Monthly* US$ 6.58
6-Monthly US$ 42.13
Yearly US$ 78.99
Orange Plan
380 MB Storage
3.5 GB Bandwidth
6 Databases

Monthly* US$ 9.21
6-Monthly US$ 60.56
Yearly US$ 110.58
Red Plan
560 MB Storage
5 GB Bandwidth
10 Databases

Monthly* US$ 11.85
6-Monthly US$ 78.99
Yearly US$ 142.18
Blue Plan
20 GB Storage
30 GB Bandwidth
40 Databases

Monthly US$ 31.59
6-Monthly US$ 168.43
Yearly US$ 336.83

* Only the Blue Plan can be paid monthly. All other plans are offered on a 6-month or annual basis.